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Welcome to Career Coaching Academy International our mission is to help you discover your 3 Ps in your life. To find your passion; achieve your potential, and know what is your purpose in life. In order to live and enjoy life, you are passionate about. As well as we will empower those who seek change and have fears or challenges along the way.

Many are asking themselves the burning question. Where and how do I start my new journey in life?
Do you have questions and is wondering “What if”? “Am I doing enough”? Well rest assured you’re not alone.

Who are the people in your life whom you care for the most?

What are the things that are most important to you?

What keeps you motivated?

Why do you want to see changes in your life?

Are you feeling stuck in your daily 9-5 routine, trading time for money?

We can certainly related to your story, and have walked in your shoes. Because not long ago we were there, asking the same burning questions, and some of us felt “Brain Dead”, just going through the motions and asking “there must be something more for me?”

We are sensitive to your challenges and understands the need for change, and we are ready to walk with you towards finding your passion, achieving your potential, and realizing what is your purpose in life.

You’re in your Element, when you’re Passionate about what you do”

Quote: Sir Ken Robinson, Educator & International Speaker.

Do any of the above questions sound familiar?

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We are looking forward to seeing you soon.
Best regards,

Lourdes Marie,

Lifestyle and Career Coach,

Career Coaching Academy International

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Lourdes Marie Alfonso

My name is Lourdes Marie Alfonso, I am a Lifestyle and Unconventional Career Coach. Welcome to my Online Coaching Business. Here are some insights about the types of Coaching Services offered.

My expertise is in Personal & Professional Development. As an Unconventional Career Coach, I can relate to the needs of individuals and their challenges to gain employment. I help people monetize their creativity and passion by giving them the tools and showing them how they can “Think outside the 9-5 Job Box”, and work on the things they love and are passionate about.

As a Lifestyle Coach, I offer a wide range of Personal & Professional Development Skills customized to fit the needs of individuals and corporations. For today’s social environment as well as the highly competitive and challenging business world. Here is a highlight of the skills offered :- Appearances; Body Language (Nonverbal Communication); Business & Social Etiquette; Business Basics & Cross Culture Behaviour; ESL English; and Emotional Intelligence.

All services are packaged as 6 or 12 weeks programs (could be longer upon request) and are offered as a series of Workshops to Companies in small groups. As well as, one-on- one consultations to individuals.


  • One to One Coaching
  • Group Coaching
  • Workshops
  • Customized Coaching Sessions in Personal & Professional Growth and Development in a series of topics such as:-
  • Appearance and Presentation
  • Body Language – Non Verbal Communications;
  • Business and Social Etiquette.
  • Business Basics
  • How to Develop Emotional Intelligence

    All Services are offered to individuals as one to one private consults or in Small Group Sessions.


There comes a time in everyone’s life when we stop and examine our own thoughts by asking these questions. Are you doing enough? Are you wondering what if…?
If this sounds like you, or you have other questions and are looking for tools and resources to monetize your inner creativity and passion.

How To Discover Your Inner Creativity

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